TI-Nspire Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Known

TI-Nspire Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Known!

You’ve been using TI graphing calculators in your teaching, and now it’s time for testing. Whether you are giving a short quiz, a chapter test or end-of-term exam, here are some tips for how to use TI calculators successfully on class assessments.


Do you want to use the answer you achieved in the previous calculation? Just tap ctrl + (-). This is the ‘ans’ command. It comes in handy for Solution of Equations type questions.


Your TI works like a […]


Tips On Efficient Use Of TI-Nspire For IB Examination

The International Baccalaureate Examination session is approaching fast. It is certainly a period of rigorous preparation for the students. Following are tips on how to use the TI-Nspire in the examination so that students can be more systematic and manage their time in the examination efficiently. It would be a benefit if the students practice these good use or habit months before the examination.

Good Habit 1

Use of Documents, add pages and add problems. Paper 2 usually contains […]