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A combination of power and ease-of-use make –Views the ideal package for anyone working with time series, cross-section, or longitudinal data. With Eviews, you can quickly

and efficiently manage your data, perform econometric and statistical analysis, generate forecasts or model simulations, and produce high quality graphs and tables for publication or inclusion in other applications.

eviewsFeaturing an innovative graphical object- oriented user-interface and a sophisticated analysis engine, Eviews blends the best of modern software technology with the features you’ve always wanted.


  • 64-bit version for much larger data set

Eviews interface:

  • Enhanced dialog edit fields
  • Improve work file details view
  • Work file compare allowing quick comparison of data in different work files
  • Object linking and embedding (OLE) support, allowing linking of your EVIEWS output in other packages such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Data handling:

  • Powerful new spreadsheet editing tools that allow easy manipulation of multiple cells at once.
  • Group comparison tools to compare data across multiple series.
  • Enhanced dated data tables, including full command line support.
  • Support for writing to existing Excel files, and writing Excel .XLSX files.
  • Transposed foreign data reading.
  • Custom object attributes

Graph, tables and spools

  • New slider bar for quickly changing the visible sample in a graph window.
  • User defined fit lines on scatter plots.
  • Graph, tables, and spools can now be saved in PDF format. Additionally, tables may be saved as Enhanced Metafiles.
  • Custom lines and arrows can be drawn in graphs using the mouse.
  • User defined fit lines on scatter plots.
  • Graphs, tables, and spools can now be saved in PDF format


  • Error-Trend-Seasonal exponential smoothing.
  • Census X-13.
  • Panel series covariances.
  • Panel series principal components.

Programming support

  • User-defined objects allowing even greater customization of Eviews.
  • New functions and commands.

More information at http://www.eviews.com/