Visual Link


VisuaLinks helps analysts sit through volumes of data to find targets of interest using filtering, drill-down and link analysis tools. VisuaLinks can zero in on, or isolate, specific targets in the data, and then, step-by-step, build relationships that show patterns of activities or behaviors. Applying a combination of these tools and techniques enables analysts to perform reactive and proactive (strategic and tactical) analysis in a fraction of the time a manual analysis would take.

  • Layout techniques that show your data in Visualinksnetworks of related data
  • The ability to find and display relationships based on entity or relationship type
  • Geospatial layouts that place data on regional, graphical maps
  • Statistical functions that can be applied to data lists to create summaries
  • Tools that create associations based on values shared between entities
  • Filtering tools that show data based on type, values, and relationship weights
  • Tools that perform scheduled searches, compare results, and notify users of results