EViews 12

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Innovative Solution for Econometrics Analysis, Forecasting & Simulation

EViews 12 offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use object-oriented interface.


EViews is an ideal package for working on time series, cross sectional and longitudinal data with ease. EViews has a powerful statistical engine capable of performing econometric and statistical analysis, generating forecast and modeling simulation, producing precise outputs with high-quality graphs and tables.

A great deal of worldly experience in analysis with a graphical object-oriented engine. The modern trends in statistical methods and the latest analytical user friendly interface has blended together to form EViews as a powerful solution for time series analysis.


Product Name:
EViews 12

Principal Name:
IHS Global Inc

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  • An engine with powerful analytics
    Features range from basic statistical methods, hypothesis testing, principal components, cross-sectional analysis to causality testing, unit root, long-run variance calculation, and co-integration diagnostics to much more to explore.
  • Forecasting Methods
    Globally acclaimed the best standalone simulation software, EViews is capable of doing static and dynamic forecasting and averaging, model fit diagnostics and automatic handling of dependent variable transformation. In addition to it, EViews provides advanced techniques to perform automatic ARIMA forecasting, solution for model consistent expectations as well as forecast standard error computation.
  • Estimating from Data
    Estimating techniques forms the base of every computational solution and hence EViews posses strong estimating techniques like single and multiple equation linear and nonlinear least squares, ARMA, instrumental variables and exponential smoothing, univariate and multivariate GARCH, Markov switching, nonstationary regression, vector autoregression, and vector error correction, and state-space estimation. And that’s just for starters
  • Design and Innovation
    The menu-driven interface build around an object-oriented design helps the user not to wade through long scripts and searching around to get the precise function.
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Academic
  • Quantitative Researchers
  • Students
  • Analyst
  • Economist

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