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Our world is exploding with data – text, videos, social media and more. Making sense of it without the right research tools is like looking for a needle in a haystack. See the big picture fast with NVivo – the most powerful software for gaining richer insights from qualitative and mixed-methods data.

To get an answer to “Why” a phenomenon happened, explore and explain a problem, NVIVO gives the answer to it. When we talk about unstructured data, long questionnaires, pictures, text files and videos their analysis is a big issue to be handled with. NVIVO gives you a complete solution to all such issues which deals in words, letters or even images and videos. NVIVO looks at qualitative information to identify themes, materialize and managing the data, classifying and arranging the data into vases for better analysis of the data. Research Methods including discourse analysis, phenomenology, and grounded theory. Literature reviews, project designs can be done with ease along with the analysis and reports out of it.

NVIVO quickly understands the concepts behind the data and generate automated inferences over a volume of text and data. Bringing in data directly from social media pages and doing automated transcriptions is some of the advanced services that we use in NVIVO.

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  • Import, create and edit a wide range of data
  • Make sense of your information with coding. NVivo lets you gather all your material about a theme, idea or topic together through ‘coding’.
  • Work with spreadsheets and database tables. Speed up your analysis – particularly when you’re working with large datasets – by automatically coding your data.
  • Work with literature reviews and bibliographies- Import bibliographical data from reference management software like EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks or Zotero.
  • Visualize patterns and connections in your data- Create and explore ‘charts’ in NVivo, including column, pie and bar charts. View the live data behind a chart with one click.
  • Capture and analyze online data- Optionally install NCapture – a web browser extension for Internet Explorer 8 (or later) or Google Chrome 21 (or later). Use NCapture to collect web pages, online PDFs, social media data and YouTube videos and then import this content into NVivo.
  • Transcription Services- Now there’s a fast, easy and cost efficient way to transcribe and analyze video and audio content. We provide you with a seamless experience of ordering transcripts from within NVivo and having it automatically download and synch up to the media file in your project.
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  • Service Industries
  • Research Institution
  • Researcher
  • Analyst
  • Students

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    NVivo - Look through different lenses see the big picture from large and diverse volumes of data.

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