• How do I find my serial number and other information about my copy of EViews?
    Your copy of EViews contains information about your registration status, as well as the product version and build date of the program. To obtain this information, simply select Help/About EViews from the main EViews menu.
  • I contacted you and received a key, but the key doesn’t seem to work. What could be wrong?
    The most common registration problem results from entering a name or serial number which does not match the key. You should make certain that the name and serial number both match those provided when obtaining a key. Note that while the name is not case-sensitive, it should otherwise be entered exactly as originally provided. If you still experience problems, do not hesitate to contact our office.
  • My copy of EViews does not appear to have the features for the edition that I purchased. Do you have to send me a new CD-ROM?
    No. Simply contact our office. Once we verify the edition of EViews that you have purchased, you should be able to re-register and upgrade your copy to enable the features.
  • I’ve replaced my computers and no longer have available registrations. What should I do?
    If there are special circumstances where you need to register an additional machine, please contact our office.
  • How do I change the name in which my copy is registered?
    Your copy of EViews contains the name in which it was first registered. If you wish to change the registration name, please contact our office.
  • What if I have trouble registering?
    We do not anticipate that you will have problems registering your copy of EViews using one of the available methods (auto-registration, manual using our web servers, or manual using email or phone). Please feel free to contact our office if you encounter difficulties.