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Numerical analytics, a leading provider of Modern analytical technology, comes up with learning tools and resources to provide updated trainings. We offer on-demand basic and advance trainings from our trainers as well as from faculties from reputed Institutes.

Upcoming Webinars

SmartPLS webinar 27 April
We have pleasure in inviting you to an informative session on SmartPLS.
This Webinar is designed for giving you a better understanding of conducting “Structural Equation Modelling” Using SmartPLS and for enhancing your professional expertise in using SmartPLS for your latest research.
Free Webinar on Structural Equation Modelling Using SmartPLS
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SmartPLS 3 is a milestone in latent variable modeling. It combines state of the art methods (e.g., PLS-POS, IPMA, complex bootstrapping routines) with an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface.” –  Joe F. Hair, DBA Director, Cleverdon Chair of Business, University of South Alabama, USA
We have planned a 3 hour session followed by QnA across range of topics covered during the webinar.
We are looking forward to your participation.
Please contact for any questions.
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Senior Sales Manager
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Previous Webinars

Webinar on Organizing and Analyzing Qualitative Data Using NVivo

17th Dec 2020, 3 PM - 5 PM (IST)

Program Objective
In our webinar you will learn about:

• Introducing NVivo
• Organizing and Analyzing Qualitative Data
• Cases and Autocoding
• Maps and Charts
• Social Media Content Analysis and more.

Spotfire 11 Webinar Series

9th Dec 2020, 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM (IST)

Program Objective

• Writing and managing Python packages with smart, embeded data science.
• Connecting to real-time insights with TIBCO Cloud Data Streams with Spotfire 11

What's New In EViews 12?

4th Dec 2020, 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM (IST)

Program description

This webinar will focus on the advancements in EViews 12. This one-hour online webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to the new edition of EViews 12. It’s an ideal course for Eviews users who want to get a head start on the latest version, learning how to use the software efficiently and effectively, harnessing all the powerful new features.

Program Objective
To Discuss the following improvements

• EViews Interface and Programming
• New Data Handling Features
• New Graph, Table and Geo-map Features
• Econometrics and Statistics