TI-Nspire Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Known

TI-Nspire Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Known!

You’ve been using TI graphing calculators in your teaching, and now it’s time for testing. Whether you are giving a short quiz, a chapter test or end-of-term exam, here are some tips for how to use TI calculators successfully on class assessments.


Do you want to use the answer you achieved in the previous calculation? Just tap ctrl + (-). This is the ‘ans’ command. It comes in handy for Solution of Equations type questions.


Your TI works like a windows PC. You can use ctrl + c (copy), ctrl + x (cut), ctrl + v (paste), ctrl + z (undo) in the calculator application!


Want to reuse the previous equation you had input? Highlight it by scrolling up then tap enter. It drops it to the next line so you can edit!


So you have 4X2+9X-3, and you want to let X=-1.3 Smack in |X=-1.3 at the end.
It should look like 4X2+9X-3|X=-1.3

Why? because you’re too lazy to put in the value every time, of course.


Going to use a function multiple times?
Define that friend.
menu>1>1 will do the trick.

Good Luck, Have Fun