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How to Disable Press-to-Test Mode Using Student’s Software

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Press-to-Test Mode Using TI Student's Software

This blog is guide on “How to Disable Press-to-Test Mode Using Student’s Software”. Follow the steps to below:

If you choose to disable Press-to-Test mode through a computer, you must have TI-Nspire Students software installed on your system. After installing TI-Nspire Students software :

Create a folder on your computer called “Press-to-Test”

In that folder, place an empty tns document called “Exit Test Mode”.

  • Steps to create tns file through student’s software.
    • Open the software

  • Without altering anything inside the document go to file

  • Select Save-as
  • Now select the folder created above.

  • Save the file with name “Exit Test Mode” and hit Save

  • This file is the only file that should be in that folder.

Note: folder and file names are case-sensitive

Send this file to your connected device and you will exit Press-to-Test mode

  • Step to send TNS file into handheld:
    • Make sure you have attached the Handheld with your software via USB cable
    • Now open your student’s software and select document section(yellow icon) from the document toolbox.
    • Now Select your Handheld model from below column and double click on it.
    • It will Open the “Press-To-Test” folder
    • Drag the TNS file from computer and drop it in the above folder.

Finally drag the TNS file from computer to connected handheld.


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